1- Unusual time outside

If suddenly your spouse joined some new secret “Only Club” something is really wrong and you partner certainly can be cheating on you. The first thing you should notice and raise your red flag would be if your partner is coming up with some unusual time schedule and others excuses. For example a change on their work shift, often unexpected events and even something like a new secret club that you can’t go with them is enough to make you be alert and ask them more about it. While you think they are saying the truth maybe they are not.

2- Don’t let your come closer their phone or see what they are doing

That’s something that happens very often. Those days we have many apps and website that make it very easy and fast to meet someone without any previous acquaintance of each other. If your SO is not letting your come close their phone or is there all the time but when you come closer they suddenly stop using it be aware that they may be cheating on you. That’s one of the most common sign of some infidelity case lately. I recently heard many cases that started exactly like this. First your suspect your spouse using way more than usual their phone then later on you find out they are having a case.


3- Any change in sexual activity related to cheating

If your partner is cheating you probably will feel some difference in your sexual relationship. They can either lose completely their sexual appetite with you or drastically improve. If your spouse is sexual satisfied as result of having sex with someone else, they will have less energy to spend on you. However, some cases, they will try to boost their performance at home to mislead you. Even some new technique or new fetish is enough to make you be aware that something is not right.

4- Hire a private eye

That’s maybe one of the best thing to do. Once you don’t have to prove anything or expose yourself enough to turn the table and you be the wrong person. If you decide to hire a detective they will find out if your thoughts are true or not. If your partner is cheating, you  will good proves and won’t need to spend your time trying to find something. Let the professionals do their job and sleep good with yourself.