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Alimony Investigations

Alimony Investigations

Divorce or separation comes with many implications, but one of the most significant aspects that often catches people off guard is alimony. This financial obligation is something that most individuals don’t initially consider when parting ways. However, once the divorce is finalized, the spouse or partner who is financially impacted wakes up to the reality that they are now responsible for making alimony payments. If you find yourself navigating this unfamiliar territory, it is crucial to proactively seek the assistance of an experienced alimony investigator. By enlisting the services of a professional investigator specializing in alimony investigations, you can alleviate the burden of alimony by obtaining evidence that supports your case for a reduction or termination of payments. With their expertise and knowledge, these investigators can help present a compelling argument on your behalf, ensuring that you receive a fair outcome.

Are Alimony Payments Being Misused?

Sometimes, spouses who are awarded alimony payments tend to misuse it. Such people will use alimony or support payments for purposes other than what was intended. If you suspect that your former spouse or partner is abusing alimony payment, you have the right to investigate and uncover the truth. Bond Investigations detectives can assist you with alimony investigations in Washington DC to show “change of circumstances” which can make the court reconsider alimony. Armed with adequate proof, your attorney can appeal for a reduction or termination.

Need Alimony Reduced or Terminated?

Co-habitation is one of the major grounds for alimony reduction or termination. As the aggrieved spouse, you can petition the court to either reduce or terminate alimony once you show sufficient proof of a change of circumstances. This is where Bond Investigations steps in. Our alimony investigator can take up your case and do a thorough and conclusive investigation to have your alimony reduced or terminated. Through our investigations, we can assist you to obtain proof that will influence the court’s ruling in your favor. Some of the things that the court will be interested in finding out include:
• Duration of the relationship
• time spent by spouses/couples
• whether or not they vacation/holiday together
• nature of daily activities
• the interrelation of personal affairs 

Why Hire a Professional Alimony Investigator

In most states, the court and law enforcement is not mandated to investigate whether a former spouse or partner is cohabiting with another person. The responsibility to investigate and obtain proof lies with the aggrieved spouse. Our alimony investigators can assist with investigations to prove you really deserve a reduction or termination. Whether you want to uncover the nature of the relationship or find out how alimony is being used, our alimony investigations will yield evidence that can withstand the scrutiny of any court. We will present all evidence and supporting documentation so that your attorney can build a strong case.

Need Assistance with Alimony Investigation?

Call (202) 848-1128 to request a FREE Quote or to speak to one of our top alimony investigators. We’re ready to undertake alimony investigations to have your alimony either reduced or terminated.

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