If you have never had a need to delve into the world of private investigations, the entire process of hiring a private investigator in Phoenix can seem daunting. From figuring out how an investigator’s rates and hours work to knowing what services to look for, for your or your company’s particular needs, there is a great deal to take into consideration. Whether you are attempting to find a missing person, have a case of child custody to settle, or you have suffered an on-the-job injury, and local, state or federal law cannot or will not help, you may require the assistance of a private investigator.

We understand that hiring persons for private investigations is not an everyday thing that you would do.
Unless you are an attorney or an insurance company, you probably don’t even know of an investigative agency, let alone how to hire an investigator in Phoenix. Don’t let this inexperience put you at a disadvantage when you need help the most.

Here are 5 things to look for in a private investigator.

1.      References and Work Samples

Ask the investigator for samples of previous investigations and references. Due to client confidentiality, you may not be given names and in-depth details, but based on references and reports, you can get a good idea of the person’s quality of work.

2.      Licenses and Insurance

Every state has a different way of handing out licenses to PI’s. In Phoenix, it is illegal to undertake investigations without a license, so don’t be afraid to question the investigator you wish to hire about his or her credentials. Also, he or she should provide clients with insurance for proof of liability.

3.      Investigation Methods

What methods will the investigator employ for your case? Make sure there are no gray areas and that the investigator is bound by certain ethical boundaries and guidelines. Illegally obtained information may not hold up in court as evidence in your case, so make sure your investigator is open to discussing the methods he or she will use.

4.      Costs

Discuss the costs of your investigation, get a contract in writing, and make sure you understand the fine print. Some investigations will take longer than others to complete and could incur additional charges. Expenses such as stand by time, travel fare, and phone calls should be accounted for.

5.      Scope of Services

Larger agencies provide a range of private investigation services, and if any of the services are what you require for your case, that’s a bonus. It is up to you to give your investigator all the details of your case so that they can help you determine which services are required.

The main services that investigators in Phoenix offer include:

  • Domestic Investigations – if you suspect that your partner is cheating, a private investigator can help you get to the bottom of things. But, this isn’t the only reason to use a Phoenix investigator in domestic cases. If your child has gone missing, if you are looking for a lost loved one, tracking down a birth parent, chasing up a wrongful death case, or trying to find your stolen property after a burglary, you should consider hiring the services of an investigator.
  • Workplace Investigations – whether you are a business owner or an employee, you may benefit from the help of a private investigator in Phoenix, particularly in situations such as theft, harassment, violence, and embezzlement cases. Often, an investigator is hired to help a company solve a problem by gathering the necessary proof.
  • Legal cases – experienced investigators are often hired to seek out information that can assist legal cases such as fraud or theft.
  • Insurance investigations – when an employee suffers an injury in the workplace, he or she may ask the employer to compensate for the injury. But, there are times when employees may try to cheat the system by asking for compensation they do not need. Typically, the employee will think that since the company has money, it can support them. Be that as it may, this is still considered theft. A private investigator in Phoenix can help a company ensure that the employee has genuinely suffered a workplace injury and requires the necessary compensation. The company can then use the investigator’s findings to decide what to do.

Finding out the truth about people around us can be difficult to do alone or without the necessary skills. Hiring a private investigator in Phoenix can help find the information required to settle a case or take the necessary action for the circumstances. Use these five tips to help you hire the right persons for your case.